Exciting News!

Last fall, I applied for a grant through the Challenged Athletes Foundation to help offset some of the costs of finishing my cross country route this summer. CAF awards grants every year to help people with disabilities live an active lifestyle. The grants can be used to buy sports equipment, pay for coaching, or to help cover travel/ competition expenses.

I found out a couple weeks ago that my application was accepted! I asked specifically for a grant to help pay for gas money on the trip and am so thankful for that need being met! I cannot thank them enough for helping to make Collision to Coast possible!

Thanks to CAF and all my friends and family for supporting me on this adventure!

5 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. DStark

    Wow! Certainly, this is a load off your mind as gasoline to get your truck and trailer to/from Oregon will be a significant cost. Very good news indeed! Thank you CAF!!

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  2. Linda Allen

    What wonderful news! It never ceases to amaze me how God has met your needs . We may never know why this accident happen, but God certainly has used your joy and determined spirit to inspire many
    (including myself). Thank you CAF!

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