From Collision to Coast

On July 31st of 2016, my Bike & Build team dipped their wheels in the Pacific Ocean. On July 31st, I was at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center learning how to live again. I barely remember that day. I remember looking at the white board in my room and seeing the date, and thinking “Oh, my team should be reaching the west coast today”.

When Anne and I dipped our tires in the Atlantic Ocean 2.5 months earlier, we expected to be with our team on July 31st. We had earned it.

The woman who hit us took a lot away from me- She took a wonderful friend; she took my ability to walk; she took the rest of an amazing summer. I won’t let her take my wheel dip.

This summer, I will be finishing my cross country ride and will finally dip my wheel in the Pacific Ocean. Plans are in motion, and we’re just trying to finalize the details. I’m planning on setting off on June 18th and hitting Haystack Rock on July 13th. I hope you’ll join me and my teammates as we head west to the coast. You in?


5 thoughts on “From Collision to Coast

  1. Jessica Clothiaux

    I am very proud of you, Laura, for working so hard on recovery. Stay in touch with us, it is good to hear from you. Take very good care of yourself, Love, Jessica and family


  2. Emily Wilding

    I love reading your blog posts Laura. I was part of the group that placed the “angel bike” on the highway in Anne’s memory. I think of her and you often. I am inspired by your ability to keep pressing forward through immensely difficult trials.


    1. Darin

      I think Laura should start her “collision to coast” ride at Anne’s ‘Angel Bike’ Memorial site!

      (By the way, you folks did a great job, Emily!)


  3. Tracy

    You’re an inspiration to me and to many others, I’m sure! Wishing you Success and blessings on your journey. Prayers for your safety and please take every precaution!
    Godspeed, (don’t you just love that word?).
    Tracy D.


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