Feeling Like Myself Again

hand controls

A couple weeks ago I needed to pick up a prescription refill, so I drove myself to the drug store. This was the single most freeing event I’ve had since becoming paralyzed. For the first time in nearly two years, I didn’t have to ask someone to do my boring chores. For the first time in nearly two years, I didn’t have to wait until someone wasn’t busy. For the first time in nearly two years, I went somewhere BY MYSELF.

I don’t think I realized quite how much I missed my old self until I could drive again. I used to love driving! I loved making last minute plans or meeting up with friends for lunch. If I needed to go shopping or pick something up, I could just drive myself to get it. I’ve missed that freedom.

Getting hand controls installed in my car was the final piece of the puzzle. I’m still working on getting my chair in and out of my car and some other logistics, but that will come with time. It’s taken longer than I’d hoped, but I’m finally feeling like myself again.


11 thoughts on “Feeling Like Myself Again

  1. Dad

    This takes me back to the first time you drove – alone – with your first driver’s license. Once you dropped me off at home after visiting the SOS, off you went!

    Very proud of you then – and now!


  2. Jane LaCasse

    I’m so proud of you! I have just started the hand controls process! I too am tired of relying on everyone! I can’t wait to drive! It’s quite a process it seems!!! Love you!!! Drive on! Be free!!! You’ve got this girl and I am praying for you!!!


  3. Laura – you are a joy and and inspiration!
    What a great reminder – it is the little things I need to appreciate!
    So excited for your journey this summer! You will be in my prayers!
    Kelsey is looking forward to seeing you in Oregon!
    Carrie Oesmann


    1. Your comment means so much. It’s the small things that I never realized I took for granted before!

      I’m looking forward to seeing Kelsey! It’s been too long. Thanks for your prayers!


  4. Christina Mohr

    LAURA…you are a rockstar and such a great inspiration to all humans! I am so darn proud of you and your dedication to being the best you can be. Good luck on your journey enjoy the ride you have earned all the success.


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